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Wireless Powerhouse

Never feel powerless again! PlayConn wireless batteries and charging dock allows you to quickly and easily charge your PS4 controllers without messy cables. With PlayConn Power modules you can snap on more power to your controller and keep gaming all year long!

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Wireless Adapter

The key to the PlayConn system is the patent pending magnetic connector which simply snaps onto your PS4 controller for wireless freedom!

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PlayConn Power

The key to never having a cable again is the PlayConn wireless battery module and adapter. Simply snap onto your PS4 controller and leave the cables behind!

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Power Module

Not all batteries are made the same. In fact PlayConn™ Power wireless battery modules can refuel your controller for an additional 8 hours. Grab extra Power modules and never have to leave your controller to charge again!

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PlayConn™ Power Dock

The Power to Play! Power Dock wirelessly charges your controllers and battery modules at the same time or seperately. Snap on a module while your playing to never have leave your controller behind again!

playconn power for ps4

PlayConn Power Features

Modular Charging

Power without Frustration. Connect battery modules to your controller and never leave a game behind!

Magnetic Connector

Our patent pending neodynium magnet connector provides you with the ability to easily snap on power whenever you need it!

Afforable Power

Why pay for a new or extra controller when you only need our wireless system to keep you gaming!

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